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Triathlon Training

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Optimize your training to ensure maximum performance on race day

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Efficiency Factor. Aerobic Threshold. Variability Index.
Training Stress Score. VO2 Max. Periodization. Cadence. Heart Rate Monitor.
Hypertrophy. ProPrioception. Resting Metabolic Rate.
Ergonic Aids. Bilateral Breathing. Normalized Graded PAce
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Focus On Training

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Effective triathlon training is notoriously difficult to design and execute - I’m here to help
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Purposeful Planning

Take the guesswork out of training to optimize performance on race day
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Personalized Attention

Cookie cutter plans yield  cookie cutter results; our plan evolves as you progress
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Flexible Scheduling

We will help you excel while being sensitive to your obligations outside of triathlon
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Your CoaCH

Meet Your Coach

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David Saintsing about to reach the finish line during triathlon race

David Saintsing

I have pooled my experience a physician, coach, and athlete to craft training and racing strategies that have led to exceptional results. My athletes have had varied backgrounds, abilities, and interests - including Ironman winners, Kona qualifiers, mid pack athletes and beginners.

Many years ago I was a successful professional swimming coach. This experience helped me learn to communicate effectively with athletes, tease out their needs and develop flexibility within the structures of the program.

Philosophically I believe in melding hard work with a science driven approach. It’s my job to identify your needs, design a smart personalized program and be flexible as we all have busy lives. It’s your job to strive for consistent training, follow the plan, and have a blast as we move through the process.

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They've Worked With Me:


2009 Kona World Championship Qualifier

Heather & Trevor

8x Ironman Champions, 4x World Championship Podiums, 27x Half-Ironman Wins


2x Ironman Finisher


Road Cyclist & Mountain Biker